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The Big Pub Guide established in 2007 with the aim of being the best pub guide available online in the UK to help bring people and pubs together.

We sought to build a good pub guide, built upon a complete pub list, which would enable every UK pub to join and display everything they had to offer. To be a genuinely good pub guide, we believe it is essential for pubs to present all they offer in comprehensive detail. This should extend from the food and drink they offer to all aspects of their business such as the facilities that are present, the accommodation that is available and the entertainment and events that feature.

At the time of our inception we asked we asked pub customers what a good pub guide should like from the perspective of a user seeking helpful advice. And we asked pubs what a good pub guide should look like from the perspective of establishments wishing to promote themselves. Then we brought this input together.

From the customers side, a good pub guide must make searching for a pub easy. Our website guide enables customers to choose to search for a particular pub by its name or do a general search for all pubs withing a particular area or simply see all pubs nearest to their present location. We believe a good pub guide should not only show extensive details on all listed establishments but provide the pub-going customer with the ability to tune the results of their search via a selection of key features to show particular pubs which match to a specific criterion. This facility is critical for very many customers as all groups have their unique needs such as a separate restaurant, a child-friendly environment, a pub garden, or a vegan menu. A good pub guide needs to provide this level of detail to help direct customers to the right pubs for their needs.

From the pubs side, our directory provides breweries, pub landlords and managers with the ability to show potential customers all the features and services they offer and highlight exactly what makes their pub so special. By working closely with organisations across the pub industry we have built a pub guide that helps pubs to differentiate themselves and reach new customers that are looking for exactly what they offer. If you are a landlord or manager and would like to list your pub on our pub directory, simply locate your pub via a search on the homepage, select ‘claim’ then choose the listing option that suits your needs.


Pub customers are today using the internet to help choose the pubs they visit. Around 90% of all customers are now searching online when choosing where to pay a visit. Our directory guide appears in thousands of online searches every week. A listing entry for your pub is a clear and helpful advert for your establishment to help attract new enquiries and more footfall. And in these challenging times it also represents a highly very cost-effective way of advertising to a wide audience. A listing provides you with the flexibility to update it at any time should you wish, thereby making changes to promote new offers, seasonal menus or forthcoming events taking place. Benefits include:

Present your pub in extensive detail

Upate your listing anytime whenever you wish and monitor results

Increase traffic to your pub’s website

Enhance the ranking of your pub website

We can build your listing for you

Subscription costs is very cost-effective

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• What is a good pub guide?
• What makes your directory a good pub guide?
• Will a listing be cost-effective?
• Is it a simple process to build a listing?
• How will listing help our own pub websites ranking?
If you have questions like these about listing your pub please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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As a good pub guide site, the listing process is both quick and easy. However, if you require any guidance please contact us and we will be happy to help you. There are +40,000 UK pubs on our website, so your pub is likely to be on our site ready and waiting for you to claim. Just follow these simple steps.

Find your pub via a search on our homepage.

Select your pub and click ‘Claim Now!’. We will verify and approve.

Choose the listing option you desire and enter your content.

Make payment. Your listing goes instantly live!

There are two listing options for you to choose from.

A BASIC listing is a free of charge entry which will enable your show the presence of your pub and basic details on your core facilities. Your advert will be listed in a standard position amongst other search results and will be limited to a single photo image accompanied by a maximum of sixty words description. Your pubs contact information and website link are not included.

A FULL listing is for landlords seeking to attain maximum views and increase the customer increases they regularly receive. FULL listing shows detailed information on all your pub features such as your food and beverages, facilities, entertainment choices, accommodation options, forthcoming events schedule and more. You can show unlimited photo images and description text as befitting the content customers expect from a good pub guide. You can provide customers with multiple contact choices such as your telephone number(s), a direct messaging link plus the link to your pub’s website for additional information. Importantly, your advert will appear in a priority position at the top of search results and featured on our website homepage too. The FULL listing option is chargeable but at a very cost-effective rate and there is no future commitment beyond the initial year. When your subscription ends you will receive a courtesy email notifying you of the need to renew subscription to continue as a FULL listing. If you do not wish to continue advertising you do not need take no action and your listing will revert automatically to a BASIC listing.

In addition to our role helping pubs promote their businesses on our good pub guide, we have partners that can help with other good pub guide services such as pub website design and marketing as well as relationships with trade partners that can assist with engagement with businesses across the UK’s pub industry.

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