Established in 2007, The Big Pub Guide is a leading pub guide directory that helps bring people and pubs in Bournemouth and across the UK together.

We help pubs in Bournemouth showcase everything they offer in comprehensive detail from their food and drink options to their facilities, entertainment, events, accommodation and more.

Easily search for a pub by name or for pubs within an area or simply for ‘pubs near me’ and apply feature filters to quickly discover, view and contact the pubs in Bournemouth that match your needs.

Whether you are searching for country pubs or city bars, pubs with rooms, dog friendly pubs, pub food and drink, a pub restaurant, a pub garden, a pub function room, a pub quiz night or a combination of these or many other features, The Big Pub Guide can help you find your perfect pub.

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Established in 2007, The Big Pub Guide helps bring people and pubs in Bournemouth together.

The Big Pub Guide offers pub customers a pub guide directory of establishments with comprehensive information to help them find their perfect pub for food, drinks, facilities, entertainment, events, and accommodation.

We provide Landlords, Managers and Breweries of pubs in Bournemouth with the opportunity to tell potential customers what makes their pub special and highlight everything they offer in helpful detail.

We have worked closely with the Pub Industry since our inception to create a UK Online Directory to please both customers seeking a pub to meet their individual requirements, and Landlords wishing to attract them.

So if you are looking for pubs in Bournemouth to visit simply search on our homepage. If you would like to list your pub in our directory please locate it via a search on the homepage, ‘claim’ it, then choose your preferred Listing Option and add your information for customers to view.


Approximately 90% of customers now search online when choosing a pub to visit, with The Big Pub Guide receiving thousands of views each week. Listing provides simple, flexible and effective advertising that attracts customers to your pub directly, and also helps them visit your website to discover more and increase the inquiries you receive. Promote special offers, seasonal menus and forthcoming events and monitor the results.

Showcase your pub in comprehensive detail

Update your listing anytime and monitor results

Increase visits to your pubs website

Improve your pubs website ranking

We’ll help you build your listing

Less than the price of a pint per week

Typical questions we are asked by pubs in Bournemouth include:

• How is your directory different?
• Why is it worth listing pubs in Bournemouth on your directory?
• Is a listing cost-effective?
• How easy is it to build my listing?
• How does a listing help my pub website ranking?If you have

questions about listing pubs in Bournemouth please contact us today.

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Listing your pub is quick and easy.  And with +40,000 pubs on our site, your pub is likely to be already here and ready for you to claim.

Find your pub by a search on our homepage.

Select your pub and click ‘Claim Now!’. We verify and approve.

Choose the listing option you require and enter your content.

Make payment. Your listing goes live!

There are two listing options available, and each serves a different purpose and affords different benefits.

BASIC listing is for simply indicating the presence of your pub. Your pubs listing will show limited information on your pubs core facilities only but will not include contact options or a link to your pub’s website. It will show only in a standard position on search results, and you are limited to a single image and sixty words of description of your pub, so is offered is free of charge.

FULL listing is for landlords wishing to maximise the number of views of their pubs listing and generation of customer enquiries. Your listing will show detailed information on all your pubs features such as facilities, food, drinks, events, entertainment and accommodation with unlimited images and description details. It will provide customers with multiple contact options such as telephone number, direct messaging, and a link to your pub’s website. It also includes priority position for your listing on search results, links to your social media websites and your pub is featured on our website homepage too. FULL listing is subject to charge by annual subscription but is very cost-effective compared to other directories and other forms of advertising.

If you are thinking about listing multiple pubs in Bournemouth or an entire pub chain we can help ensure you get the best listing terms available to meet your requirements. For example, you may wish to list a set volume of pubs in Bournemouth and have the ability to switch between closing of old pub businesses and opening of new pubs in Bournemouth. We can help assist you with commercial arrangements for such requirements.

If you list your pub on our pub guide as a FULL listing, your subscription will be for a 12-month term. Shortly before the end of the term you will be sent a courtesy reminder email to notify of the need to renew your subscription if you wish to continue as a FULL listing. If you do not wish to continue advertising your pub on our pub guide you do not need to take any action, your listing will simply automatically switch to a free of charge BASIC listing.


In addition to helping pubs in Bournemouth advertise their business on our pub guide, we have partners that can also help with all aspects of website design and development and trade association partners that can help with market information and engagement with organisations within the hospitality market.

With The Big Pub Guide, finding exceptional pubs in Bournemouth is as easy as ordering your favourite pint.


When you think about the bustling coastal town of Bournemouth, what springs to mind? Sandy beaches, a vibrant nightlife, perhaps? What if we told you that Bournemouth is also home to some of the best pubs in the UK, each with its own unique charm and offerings? Now, what if we told you there’s a treasure map that can lead you straight to these hidden gems? A map that’s capable of turning every outing into an experience worth remembering? Welcome to The Big Pub Guide, your ultimate guide to finding and listing the most extraordinary pubs in Bournemouth. Why are we here? It’s simple. We’ve noticed that while Bournemouth teems with an array of pubs, finding the one that’s just right for you can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Whether you’re looking for hearty traditional fare, craft beers, live music, or just a quiet corner to enjoy a chat, you’ll find options aplenty. 


However, sifting through these choices can be both time-consuming and daunting. Here lies the very essence of The Big Pub Guide. It’s your compass to navigating this maze, eliminating the guesswork, and leaving only enjoyment. You may wonder, why trust us? It’s not just about listing pubs; it’s about curating experiences. At The Big Pub Guide, we don’t simply scrape together a bunch of addresses and call it a day. We go the extra mile, ensuring each pub is vetted for quality, ambience, and the unique offerings they bring to the table. We believe in building bridges, not just between people and pubs but also between expectations and experiences. We’re not just another directory; we are the cartographers of your perfect night out in Bournemouth. 


Imagine us as a lighthouse, guiding you through a sea of choices to your very own slice of paradise. With The Big Pub Guide, you’re not just choosing a place to spend an evening. You’re selecting the backdrop to your memories, the setting to your stories, the stage for your escapades. So, if you’re tired of taking chances, if you’ve had your fill of lukewarm pints and uninspiring pub grub, we invite you to join our mission. We are here to redefine what finding a great pub in Bournemouth means. We’re here to make your search as enjoyable as the experience itself. No matter whether you’re a pub-goer in search of a new haunt or a pub owner eager to showcase what makes your establishment extraordinary. In a town bursting with options, make your next choice an informed one. Step into the world of The Big Pub Guide and bring your search for exceptional pubs in Bournemouth to its fulfilling conclusion. After all, why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? 


Choose The Big Pub Guide, your map to unforgettable nights in the pubs of Bournemouth.

The Benefits of Using The Big Pub Guide for the Best Pubs in Bournemouth

Make Every Pub Visit in Bournemouth an Occasion to Remember with The Big Pub Guide.

  • A Curated Experience


We handpick the pubs featured on our platform. This means you’re always choosing from a list of the best Bournemouth has to offer.

  • Genuine Reviews


Our platform features honest reviews from actual patrons. You get a transparent view of what to expect, no sugar-coating or glossing over.

  • Time-Saving Filters


Our search filters are designed to speed up your search. Find pubs that align with your taste, mood, and requirements with just a few clicks.

  • Peace of Mind


With our comprehensive listings and reviews, you can make an informed choice. Say goodbye to pub regret and enjoy your time out with complete confidence.

  • Boosting Local Businesses


For pub owners, our platform is an excellent place to showcase your pub. Attract the right clientele and become a community favourite by listing with us.

Unlock a world of quality pints and gourmet bites in the finest pubs in Bournemouth with The Big Pub Guide.


In the dynamic landscape of Bournemouth’s nightlife, the abundance of choices can often create a paradox. Sure, an array of pubs line the streets, each offering a distinctive experience. However, finding the one that truly aligns with your expectations can be overwhelming. It’s a dilemma that has confounded many pub-goers and even pub owners looking to attract the right clientele. This is where The Big Pub Guide comes in handy. It’s your trusted ally in not just discovering but also genuinely enjoying the pubs that Bournemouth has to offer. We go beyond mere listings. We take you on a transparent journey that transforms the conventional task of choosing a pub into an enriching experience. 


Discover how our unique approach brings you closer to the best pubs in Bournemouth in a way that is both easy and reassuring . . .

Our Rigorous Methodology

We know every pub has its unique charm, but how do we decide which establishments make it onto our esteemed guide? Simple: we curate. This isn’t a hastily cobbled directory; it’s a handpicked selection. Every pub undergoes a stringent review process. Each is assessed for its ambience, service, food and drink options, and unique offerings. This way, when you consult The Big Pub Guide, you know you’re getting a vetted list of some of the finest pubs in Bournemouth.


Crafting a User-Friendly Experience

Sleek, efficient, and intuitive — our platform is designed with you in mind. Want a pub that’s dog-friendly? Want one with a glorious sea view? Or maybe you want one with live bands performing? Our easy-to-navigate filters will guide you there. Features like map views and reviews are right at your fingertips, making your decision-making as smooth as a well-poured pint.


Building Trust Through Partnerships & Reviews

Trust is an integral part of any guide, and it’s no different for us. We incorporate verified testimonials and customer reviews to give you an authentic snapshot of what to expect. Additionally, we’re excited to for future partnerships with local businesses and Bournemouth-based events. These help to further enhance the reliability of our listings. The Big Pub Guide is not merely a directory. We’re a community-driven guide that roots every user’s success in finding their ideal pub experience.

In a bustling, ever-evolving town like Bournemouth, standing out is essential, and this holds true whether . . .


🟩 | You’re a pub-goer seeking a memorable night out 

🟩 | Or want to be discovered by appreciative patrons


The Big Pub Guide is designed to be your dependable resource in achieving these goals. We not only streamline the process but also elevate the experience. We bring trust and reliability that is often missing in this digital age of information overload. By focusing on how we achieve this, we offer you an experience that transcends the mundane act of picking a pub. With The Big Pub Guide, you don’t just find pubs in Bournemouth. You find peace of mind, assurance, and a service tailored to your needs. It’s not just about the pub at the end of the search; it’s about the entire process that leads you there. 


So, step into the world of The Big Pub Guide and redefine what it means to discover the perfect pub in Bournemouth.

Unveil a galaxy of choices for pubs in Bournemouth, tailored just for you with The Big Pub Guide.


In the vibrant seaside town of Bournemouth, pub options abound. From the classic to the contemporary, the choices seem endless. It’s a situation that presents both an opportunity and a challenge. On one hand, discovering a new favourite spot is tantalising; on the other, the sheer number of options can be paralysing. That’s where The Big Pub Guide steps in, offering a streamlined, practical approach to finding or listing pubs in Bournemouth. We go beyond mere names and addresses. We provide an end-to-end service that guides you through myriad options based on what matters to you. 


We equip you with . . .


🟩 | Detailed information

🟩 | Honest reviews

🟩 | And intuitive features


Here’s what you can expect, whether you are a patron seeking an experience or a pub owner looking to market your establishment . . .

Unmatched Listings

At the heart of our platform are our comprehensive listings. We offer a wide variety of pubs in Bournemouth. Each one is elaborated with precise details, from the type of drinks they serve to the ambience you can expect. You’re not just looking at names and addresses; you’re exploring profiles.


Real Reviews, Real Experiences

User-generated reviews can make or break your decision. The Big Pub Guide features reviews from real people who’ve been there and done that. This way, you get an unbiased look into what each pub offers, ensuring you make an informed choice.


Filtered Searches

Time is of the essence. Our advanced filters allow you to narrow down your options based on what matters most to you. No matter whether it’s pet-friendliness, wheelchair accessibility, or live entertainment.


For Pub Owners — Showcasing Your Best

Are you a pub owner in Bournemouth? We’ve got your back. Our platform allows you to list and advertise your establishment effectively. You can highlight features that make you stand out and attract the right crowd.

Entertainment choices are plenty in a bustling locale like Bournemouth, but the time to explore them is limited. Fortunately, The Big Pub Guide is a comprehensive tool that simplifies decision-making. We offer more than just a directory. We provide a structured pathway to achieving exactly what you seek, whether a quiet drink by the sea or a bustling hub of social activity. The value we provide is tangible and multi-faceted, designed to meet the distinct needs of both patrons and proprietors. So, as you plan your next outing or consider how best to market your pub, let The Big Pub Guide be your trusted resource. We strive to be the most reliable, user-friendly, and effective platform — especially for anyone looking to explore Bournemouth’s colourful tapestry of pubs. With us, you’re not just another visitor or listing. 


Become part of a community that appreciates quality, variety, and the joy of discovery.


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