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All pub customers, whether individuals, families or groups have unique requirements when looking for pubs in Dorchester to visit. Each has location and opening times requirements along with food and drink preferences and desire for specific features regarding the facilities, entertainment, and accommodation available.

But searching through a long list of establishments produced online can be an arduous process. Hence The Big Pub Guide established in 2007 and has become a leading pub guide directory to help pub customers meet with this challenge and bring people and pubs in Dorchester together. We provide an online directory that enables pubs in Dorchester show their potential customers everything their establishment can offer in helpful detail.

Our pub guide makes it easy for customers to search for a pub by name or for all pubs in an area or to simply click ‘pubs near me’ to find those that are closest then apply feature filters to quickly discover, view and contact the pubs in Dorchester that match your needs.

Whether you require a town centre pub or a quiet country inn, or perhaps you are looking for a pub with a function room or one that holds with local, The Big Pub Guide can help you to find it.

If you are a landlord, manager or brewery and need help listing pubs in Dorchester please call us on 0330 2020166 or email us at


The Big Pub Guide founded in 2007 to help bring people and pubs in Dorchester and across the UK together.

We offer pub customers a UK-wide pub guide directory of establishments with extensive information on listed pubs to help them find a perfect pub for food, drinks, facilities, entertainment, events, and accommodation.

Landlords, managers, and breweries of pubs in Dorchester are provided with a directory that is simple, flexible, and effective for telling potential customers all about their special pub.

Working alongside the pub industry we have created a UK online pub guide directory to please both customers seeking a pub to meet their needs and the landlords wishing to attract them.

If you are searching for pubs in Dorchester to discover it’s easy to find them by a search on our homepage and then click the features you require. Alternatively, if you are a landlord or pub manager and are looking to attract more customers by listing your pub please locate it via a simple search on the homepage, ‘claim’ it, then choose the listing option you desire and add your content for potential customers to view.


Today, around 90% of customers search online when choosing pubs in Lyme Regis to visit with The Big Pub Guide appearing of thousands of searches each week. A listing provides your business with simple, flexible, and effective advertising that attracts customers to your pub and directs them to your website to discover more information so increasing enquiries. Your listing enables you to promote special offers, seasonal menus and forthcoming events and you can then monitor the results.

Show your pubs features in comprehensive detail

You can update your pub listing at anytime

Increase the number of customers visiting your website

The search ranking of your pub’s website will improve

We can help you build your pubs listing

Listing costs less than the price of a pint of a beer per week.


Among questions we’re often asked by pubs in Dorchester are the below:

• What are the benefits of listing on your directory?
• How does a listing compliment my social media advertising?
• How cost-effective is a FULL listing?
• Is it easy to build a FULL listing?
• How does a listing affect the search ranking of my pub’s website?

If you require help listing pubs in Dorchester please contact us today.


It is very quick and easy. There are +40,000 UK pubs on our site, so your pub is most probably here and ready for you to claim. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

Find your pub by a search on our homepage.

Select your pub and click ‘Claim Now!’. We verify and approve.

Choose the listing option you require and enter your content.

Make payment. Your listing goes live!

We provide two options for listing your pub and each serves a different purpose and delivers different benefits.

The BASIC listing option is free of charge and is for simply indicating the presence of your pub. Your listing will show core information on your pub’s facilities but minus contact options and link to your pub website. When your pub appears on search results it will be in a standard position amongst all other results and your entry is limited to a single image and sixty words of description text.

By comparison, the FULL listing option is there to help you maximise customer views and drive the generation of customer enquiries. All your pubs’ features are highlighted from facilities to food, drinks, events, entertainment, and accommodation. You can include unlimited photo images and description details and the listing provides multiple contact options such as telephone number, direct messaging, plus a link to your pub’s website so customers can contact you easily. Your pub is presented in a priority position on search results and there are links to your social media websites to show extra information. Your pub is also featured on our website homepage. A FULL listing is available through annual subscription charge but priced very attractively.

If you would like to explore listing multiple pubs in Dorchester or perhaps an entire chain of pubs we can help ensure you get the best commercial terms available to meet such requirements. You may wish to list a volume of pubs in Dorchester and require flexibility to switch between closing of old pub businesses and opening of new pubs in Dorchester and other areas. We can help you with commercial arrangements for such requirements.

A courtesy reminder email will automatically be sent to notify you of the need to renew your subscription before the term ends to help you continue advertising seamlessly as a FULL listing. If you choose not to continue advertising by this listing option you can simply ignore the notification and your listing will switch automatically to a free of charge BASIC listing when the term ends.

The Big Pub Guide also helps pubs in Dorchester with partnering relationships with suppliers across the beer and pub industry that can help you with all your online marketing requirements and trade association partners that can provide representation and engagement with organisations throughout industry.


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