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With beautiful countryside and the stunning Jurassic coast on offer, Dorset is one of the most popular counties to visit. And visitors looking for pubs in Dorset to discover all have different requirements from opening times and location to personal preferences regarding food and beverages and desire for other pub features such as facilities, entertainment, and accommodation options available.

Dorset has many delightful pubs to visit as online searching will reveal, but it can be a time-consuming exercise searching through a long list of establishments to find a pub that meets your needs. The Big Pub Guide helps bring people and pubs in Dorset together by offering an online directory of pubs in Dorset that enables the pubs in Dorset to present everything they have to offer.

Our pub guide provides enables customers to find appropriate pubs by entering a pubs name, choosing an area, or using the simple ‘pubs near me’ option and applying feature filters helps the user quickly discover the pubs in Dorset that meet their criteria.

From country inns to town centre bars and the features they offer their customers, we can help you to find the pub that is right for you. If you would like help listing pubs in Dorset please call us on 0330 2020166 or alternatively send an email to


The Big Pub Guide founded in 2017 to help bring people and pubs in Dorset and all across the UK together. We created our guide with the goal of delivering an online directory of establishments with helpful information on the food, drinks, facilities, entertainment, events, and accommodation the pubs provide. Our pub guide enables the landlords, managers, and breweries of pubs in Dorset to advertise through simple, flexible, and cost-effective listing that tells potential customers what makes their establishment special and why it is great to visit. Attracting new customers is so important for business success and our guide provides an excellent way to reach the widest market. Working closely with the pub industry since we founded has enabled us to deliver a pub guide directory that we believe will please both customers and the landlords wishing to serve them. To discover pubs in Dorset to visit, simply search via our homepage and apply the feature filters you require. If you own or manage pubs in Dorset and would like to list your business on our guide please find your pub by a search on our homepage then ‘claim’ it. You can then select the listing option of your choice and enter your content information for prospective customers to see.


Did you know that today, over 90% of customers are searching online to find pubs in Dorset to visit? Online adverting is important for business success and The Big Pub Guide directory appears in the results of thousands of online searches each week. Listing your pub on our directory is simple, flexible, cost-effective and will help ensure your pub is discovered and easily contactable by potential new customers. Your listing enables you to promote new menus, special offers and future events to help drive your business.

Promote your pub

Update content anytime

Customers discover your website

Your websites ranking improves

Help building your listing

Highly cost-effective advertising


Typical questions we are often asked by pubs in Dorset:
How will listing help drive business?
• Can I integrate my social media advertising within my listing?
• What makes listing cost-effective?
• Does it take long to build a FULL listing?
• Why does listing improve my pubs search ranking?
If you have questions like these about listing pubs in Dorset please get in touch with us today.


With over 40,000 UK pubs on our site, your pub is most probably on our directory already and therefore ready for you to claim. If not, do not worry, you can easily add it.

Find your pub by a search on our homepage.

Select your pub and click ‘Claim Now!’. We verify and approve.

Choose the listing option you require and enter your content.

Make payment. Your listing goes live!

There are two listing options to choose from and each serves a different purpose.

The BASIC listing option is offered to provide landlords with the ability to simply show the presence of their pub. This option includes basic information on your pub’s core facilities but without contact details such as phone number, direct messaging, or link to your pub website. BASIC is free of charge and your listing will appear in a standard position on search results and only permits a single photo image and sixty words of accompanying description text.

Our FULL listing option is significantly advanced and is designed to help your pub attract maximum customer views and therefore generate more enquiries from potential customers. Every feature of your pub can be highlighted from your facilities to food, drinks, events, entertainment, and accommodation. FULL listing allows unlimited photo images and description detail to present your pubs features. Your phone number and a link to your pub’s website is shown along with a direct message facility. Your pub will appear in a priority position in search results and there are links to integrate your social media site pages into your listing Your pub will also appear in the featured pubs section on our homepage to command additional attention. FULL listing is subject to annual subscription charge but priced very competitively compared for online advertising.

If you are considering listing several pubs in Dorset or a wider chain of establishments we can help with commercial terms to help meet your requirements. Should you wish to list a volume of pubs but also have the flexibility to switch between entries to accommodate potential closing of old pub businesses and forthcoming opening of new pubs, we can assist with commercial arrangements to accommodate such requirements.

A FULL listing is for a 12-month period and before the term ends will send you an email notification to remind you to renew your subscription in order to continue advertising your pub as a FULL listing. Should you decide for whatever reason not to renew as a FULL listing you do not need to take any action, your listing will simply automatically switch to the free of charge BASIC listing mode when the term concludes.

The Big Pub Guide has partner relationships with industry trade associations, website designers and online marketing experts that can help pubs in Dorset promote their establishment online and within the hospitality market.

Your gateway to the best pubs in Dorset awaits with The Big Pub Guide.


Picture this: a brisk Saturday afternoon, and you’re contemplating the vast array of pubs in Dorset you could explore. The picturesque Dorset hills and rustic cottages set the stage, but where can you find that perfect pint or Sunday roast? That’s where The Big Pub Guide comes in. Our sole mission is to link you to the exceptional pubs in Dorset and present you with choices that make your weekend truly memorable. We understand that in Dorset, pubs are more than just venues — they’re cultural landmarks. Each one offers a unique slice of British tradition and Dorset charm. So, why should you choose The Big Pub Guide for discovering pubs in Dorset? Because we have crafted a specialised platform that uncovers Dorset’s hidden pub gems. 


The pubs we feature are not just popular stops but also windows into what makes Dorset pub culture truly one-of-a-kind. What sets us apart in the vast sea of choices for pubs in Dorset is our commitment to showcasing authentic experiences. Whether it’s the excitement of watching a match with locals or the joy of tasting traditional Dorset seafood, please give us a search. We’ll present you with options that resonate with your needs. Vanessa from Weymouth found her ideal pub through our guide, saying, “It was like they knew exactly the kind of Dorset pub experience I was craving.” Think of The Big Pub Guide as your seasoned navigator. We’ll steer you through the multitude of pubs in Dorset until you discover the one that ticks all your boxes. 


Our guide sifts through Dorset’s extensive pub offerings to connect you to venues that match your needs. Are you after ambience, culinary offerings, or even accommodation options? We’ll find it for you. In a nutshell, when it comes to uncovering the best pubs in Dorset, The Big Pub Guide is your indispensable companion. Instead of rolling the dice on your next pub visit, why not turn it into a surefire win? Use The Big Pub Guide to delve into the finest pubs in Dorset and make every outing a memorable chapter in your story. So don’t leave your quest for the ultimate pubs in Dorset to mere chance. Turn to The Big Pub Guide and step into a world of curated pub experiences that Dorset offers. After all, the best pub stories begin where ordinary guides end. 


And with The Big Pub Guide, your extraordinary Dorset pub tale is just a click away.

The Benefits of Finding the Best Pubs in Dorset

Elevate your pub experience in Dorset with unmatched benefits.

  • Unforgettable Ambiance


The atmosphere in the best pubs in Dorset is second to none. You’re not just entering a venue; you’re stepping into a world crafted for enjoyment and relaxation.

  • Culinary Delights


Dorset’s top pubs are often culinary hotspots. The gastronomic experience complements the drinks, turning a simple meal into an event to remember.

  • Top-Notch Entertainment


The best pubs in Dorset regularly host entertainment that makes your visit an adventure. From live music to trivia nights, your evenings are transformed into memorable occasions.

  • Unbeatable Service


When you choose the best, you get the best. From knowledgeable bar staff to prompt service, every moment adds to your experience.

  • A Sense of Community


The best pubs in Dorset aren’t just establishments; they’re community hubs. People from all walks come together, making each visit a social tapestry that enriches your life.

Make your quest for pubs in Dorset an effortless adventure with The Big Pub Guide.


Finding the perfect pub experience in Dorset can often seem like a complex equation you’re trying to solve. The search can become overwhelming as there are many factors to consider. For example, you may want a taste of the ambience, food offerings, or the type of pint before you go. It’s a decision like standing at a crossroads, each path leading to an unknown destination. The decision can sometimes feel as challenging as choosing the winning number on a roulette wheel. That’s why The Big Pub Guide has taken it upon ourselves to provide a clear, well-signposted route for you. 


We take the guesswork out of your journey by . . . 


🟩 | Investing in meticulous research

🟩 | Using robust selection criteria

🟩 | And prioritising user experience


With The Big Pub Guide, here’s how finding the finest pubs in Dorset is no longer a matter of chance; it’s a calculated success . . .

Criteria That Set Us Apart

Quality over quantity is our mantra. Each pub in Dorset that makes it to our exclusive list meets a stringent set of standards. Our experts survey everything from the creaminess of the ale to the warmth of the welcome. We evaluate food menus, scrutinise the entertainment lineup, and check for pet-friendly options. With The Big Pub Guide, you’re not just finding a pub but discovering an experience that meets every criterion on your list.


User Experience Focused

Navigating our platform is as easy as pie. User-friendly filters allow you to fine-tune your search for pubs in Dorset based on your preferences. So, if you’re after a family-friendly atmosphere, live music events, or gourmet food offerings, we can help. Our mission is to deliver a seamless browsing experience that guides you to your ideal destination.


Local Voices, Genuine Choices

We don’t just rely on algorithms; we involve the local community in curating our guide. Our team have plans to interview pub owners and patrons to provide a holistic view of each establishment. This helps give you an insider’s look at the pubs in Dorset. This commitment to authentic reviews allows you to make an informed choice.


Keeping the Directory Fresh

Dorset’s pub scene is ever-changing, and so is our guide. Weekly updates keep our listings relevant. They ensure you discover pubs that are current hotspots, not yesterday’s news. We’re also hunting for Dorset pubs that are the crème de la crème so we can ensure our patrons are always in the loop.

Here at The Big Pub Guide, we understand the gravity of the choice before you when you’re searching for pubs in Dorset. A pub isn’t just a place to get a pint; it’s a sanctuary for friendship, a podium for local talent, and a gastronomic theatre. It’s a space where traditional recipes take centre stage. By utilising our sophisticated yet user-friendly platform, you gain more than just a list of pubs. You gain a carefully curated selection that meets a spectrum of desires and expectations. At The Big Pub Guide, we don’t merely offer you choices; we offer you the right choices. So, if you’re in Dorset and searching for the ultimate pub feels like a mountain to climb, rest assured. The Big Pub Guide has already charted the course for you; all you have to do is start walking. 


Your quest for pubs in Dorset has been refined, simplified, and unequivocally solved.

Unlocking the best pubs in Dorset with a simple click on The Big Pub Guide.


Searching for that perfect pub experience in Dorset could be quite a task. There are many variables like atmosphere, drink selection, food quality, and location to consider. As such, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This is where most people compromise and opt for convenience over quality. The result? An experience that lacks lustre and leaves you wondering what else is out there. At The Big Pub Guide, we want to eliminate that uncertainty. We have extensively researched and rigorously vetted a wide range of pubs in Dorset, all to simplify your search. We’ve put in the hard work so that you can enjoy the benefits — an enjoyable and memorable experience at a Dorset pub that ticks all your boxes.


Here’s what you can expect when searching for the best pubs in Dorset with The Big Pub Guide . . .

Features That Impress

Our listings are not mere names and addresses; they are miniature profiles that offer a snapshot of what makes each pub in Dorset unique. From the quality of the lager to the vibe on a Friday evening, these profiles act as your virtual walkthrough and give you a taste of what to expect.


Trustworthy Ratings

Don’t just take our word for it; each listing has ratings and reviews. These reviews are collected from verified customers. Customers who have experienced the pubs in Dorset firsthand. This unbiased feedback is your compass, guiding you toward the best choice.


Tailored to Your Tastes

Whether you’re a cider enthusiast, a craft beer explorer, or a family looking for a Sunday outing, take a look. Our platform categorises pubs in Dorset to suit your unique tastes. From pubs renowned for their seafood to those famous for their live music, find the venue that aligns with your interests in minutes.


Easy Contact Options

Time is of the essence, and we get that. That’s why we’ve integrated contact options right into our platform. Secure your spot at your chosen pub in Dorset without leaving our website by reaching out to them. It’s convenience distilled.

The stakes are high in the quest to find a pub in Dorset that matches your tastes and expectations. A pub is often more than just a venue; it’s a community space, a relaxation hub, and sometimes even an impromptu stage for life’s little dramas. We understand that, and it’s why The Big Pub Guide has invested in creating a platform that offers more than just names and locations. 


We are setting a new standard in the search for pubs in Dorset by furnishing you with . . .


🟩 | Detailed profiles

🟩 | Genuine customer reviews

🟩 | Specific categories

🟩 | And integrated booking options


No longer will you have to worry about the risk of an unimpressive night out. With our comprehensive guide, you’re not just finding a pub. You’re discovering an experience that meets and exceeds your requirements. 


Your next night out in Dorset isn’t just an outing; with The Big Pub Guide, it becomes a story worth telling.


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