Pubs in Poole

Every individual, family or group of people have different requirements when looking for a pub to visit. From location and opening times that suit, to the food and drink they can access on to the specific features such as the facilities, entertainment, and accommodation available. But it can take time and effort searching for the pub that will meet your needs working through a long list of establishments produced by online searching.

The Big Pub Guide is a leading pub guide directory, established in 2007, that helps pub customers overcome this challenge and bring people and pubs in Poole together. We offer an online directory that helps pubs in Poole to show potential customers everything they have to offer in detail.

Our pub guide helps you search for a pub by its name or for all pubs within an area or simply clicking ‘pubs near me’ then applying feature filters to quickly discover, view and contact the pubs in Poole that match your needs.

So whether your requirement is for a quiet country pub or lively city bar, or perhaps you are looking for a pub restaurant or a pub quiz night, for these and many other features, The Big Pub Guide can help you to find your perfect pub. If you are a landlord or manager and need help listing pubs in Poole please call us on 0330 2020166 or send an email to


Established in 2007, The Big Pub Guide helps bring people and pubs in Poole and across the UK together.

We offer pub customers a pub guide directory of establishments with comprehensive information to help them find their perfect pub for food, drinks, facilities, entertainment, events, and accommodation.

And we provide landlords, managers, and breweries of pubs in Poole the opportunity to tell potential customers what makes their pub great to visit.

We have worked closely with the pub industry since inception to create a UK online directory to please both customers seeking a pub to meet their individual requirements, and the landlords wishing to attract them.

If you are looking for pubs in Poole to visit you can quickly find pubs that meet your needs via a search on our homepage. Or if you would like to list your pub please locate it via a search on the homepage, ‘claim’ it, then choose your preferred Listing Option and add your content for customers to view.



Today, approximately 90% of customers are searching online when choosing pubs in Poole to visit, with The Big Pub Guide appearing on thousands of searches each week. Listing provides simple, flexible, and effective advertising to attract customers to your pub and visit your website to discover more and increase the inquiries you receive. Listing your pubs helps promote your special offers, seasonal menus, and forthcoming events.

 You can display your pub in comprehensive detail

You can update your listing anytime and monitor results

Visits to your pub’s website increase

Your pub’s website ranking improves

We can help you build your pubs listing

Listing costs less than the price of a pint per week


Some typical questions we are asked by pubs in Poole include:
• How is your directory different?
• Why is it worth listing pubs in Poole on your directory?
• Will a listing be cost-effective?
• How simple is it to build my listing?
• How does a listing improve my pubs website ranking?
If you have questions like these about listing pubs in Poole please contact us today.


Listing your pub is a quick and easy process. We have +40,000 UK pubs on our site, so your pub is likely to be already here and ready for you to claim. Just follow the below simple steps to list your pub.

Find your pub by a search on our homepage.

Select your pub and click ‘Claim Now!’. We verify and approve.

Choose the listing option you require and enter your content.

Make payment. Your listing goes live!

There are two options available, and each serves a different purpose and affords different benefits.

BASIC listing helps you to simply indicate the presence of your pub. Your pubs listing will show basic information on your pubs core facilities excluding contact options or link to your pub’s website. It will appear in a standard position on search results and is limited to a single image and sixty words of description so is offered is free of charge.

FULL listing is for maximising views and generation of customer enquiries. Your listing will show detailed information on all your pubs features such as facilities, food, drinks, events, entertainment, and accommodation and comes with unlimited images and description details. It provides multiple contact options such as telephone number, direct messaging, plus a link to your pub’s website. Your pub appears in a priority position on search results, there are links to your social media websites and your pub is featured on our website homepage too. A FULL listing is subject to charge by annual subscription but is priced to be very cost-effective compared to other directories and other forms of advertising.

If you are thinking about listing multiple pubs in Poole or an entire chain we can help ensure you get the best listing terms available to meet your requirements. For example, you may wish to list a number of pubs in Poole but need to switch between closing of old pub businesses and opening of new pubs in Poole. We can help assist you with commercial arrangements for such.

As a FULL listing, your subscription will be for a 12-month term. At the end of the term you will be sent a courtesy reminder email to notify of the need to renew your subscription if you wish to continue advertising as a FULL listing. If you do not wish to continue advertising by this option you do not need to take any action as your listing will simply automatically switch to a free of charge BASIC listing.

In addition to helping pubs in Poole advertise their business on our pub guide, we have industry partners that can help you with all aspects of website design and development and trade association partners that can help with market information as well as engagement with organisations within the hospitality market.

Navigate the sea of choices and drop anchor at the best pubs in Poole with The Big Pub Guide.


Ah, the search for the perfect pub — a quest as timeless as the tide rolling into Poole Harbour. If you’ve ever wandered through its streets, eyes darting from one pub sign to another, you’ll know the decision is often overwhelming. From nautical-themed taverns near the seafront to quaint country inns tucked away, you’re spoilt for choice in Poole. We’d argue that Poole offers a symphony of options that can make anyone’s head spin faster than a pint of cider. That’s why The Big Pub Guide is committed to being your lighthouse in this frothy sea of options. We believe finding a pub should be as enjoyable as sipping that first craft beer or diving into a hearty shepherd’s pie. With over a decade of expertise, our mission is to bring you face-to-face with the type of hospitality that can only be found in a genuine British pub. Where better to start than in the heart of Dorset, in the bustling maritime city of Poole?


But why Poole, you ask? Well, beyond the harbour lies a rich tapestry of pub culture. There are age-old establishments with firesides you can sink into. Or there are modern cocktail lounges that fizz and pop with youthful energy. Poole is a city brimming with character that you can taste every ale and feel in every pub corner. Each pub in Poole serves as a microcosm of the town itself — nautical yet contemporary, traditional yet ever-changing. The problem that most pub-goers face is not scarcity but abundance. There’s an overwhelming mix of choices with little to no information about what makes each establishment unique. You might have had to rely on trial and error. Or worse, you may gamble your night away based on a hastily read review scribbled by someone whose idea of a ‘great atmosphere’ is questionable. That’s where we step in. 


The Big Pub Guide diligently reviews and lists pubs. We do this based on diverse criteria like food quality, ambience, events, and — yes — even the friendliness of the bar staff. However, we’re not just a listing service; we are curators of experience. A painter wouldn’t merely splash colours on a canvas but arrange them to evoke emotion. In much the same way, we organise the information to help you make an informed choice. No matter whether you’re after a cosy nook to discuss the rugby match or a buzzing venue to host your next celebration, get in touch. You can consider us your brush, palette, and easel — all rolled into one. We offer a panorama of pubs in Poole that allows you to choose not just a pub but an experience that aligns with your mood, needs, and tastes. So, set sail with The Big Pub Guide and let us steer you towards a harbour where your pub dreams can drop anchor. With our comprehensive guide to pubs in Poole, your quest for the perfect pub ends here. 


All you need to do is start your journey with us. Cheers!

The Benefits of Using The Big Pub Guide for Pubs in Poole

Elevate your pub experience to new heights with The Big Pub Guide, your trusted navigator to the best pubs in Poole.

  • Expertly Curated Selection


When you use The Big Pub Guide, you’re not just scrolling through an endless list. You’re exploring a collection of pubs in Poole that have passed rigorous vetting for quality and experience.

  • Authentic Reviews


Say goodbye to generic, run-of-the-mill reviews. Our platform features in-depth, authentic assessments that dive into the very soul of each pub, letting you make an informed choice.

  • User-Friendly Interface


Ease of use is not an afterthought; it’s a priority. Our sleek, intuitive design ensures your journey from search to sip is as smooth as your favourite ale.

  • Customisable Search Filters


No two pub-goers are the same, and our platform respects that. Tailor your search using our dynamic filters to find the pubs in Poole that tick all your boxes.

  • Boost for Pub Owners


If you’re a pub owner, The Big Pub Guide is your stage. Gain unmatched visibility and attract a clientele that appreciates what makes your pub truly unique in the lively scene of Poole.

With The Big Pub Guide, step-by-step access to the most extraordinary pubs in Poole is just a click away.


When you’re keen on exploring the pub scene in Poole, you’re not just looking for a place to have a drink; you’re searching for an experience. You want an experience that captures the essence of British hospitality and that indefinable feeling you get when you walk into a proper pub. As much as you’d love to have a personal guide take you by the hand and show you all the hidden gems, it’s simply not feasible. This is why The Big Pub Guide exists — to serve as your dedicated and expert guide. So, before we venture into the intriguing world of Poole’s pub culture, we believe it’s essential to share the following.


Here’s how we bring these pubs straight to you, with a digital platform designed for convenience, clarity, and completeness . . .

The Vetting Process

It starts with selection; we don’t add just any pub to our list. Well, we do, but our dedicated team of pub aficionados intend to visit each location. We’ll scrutinise everything from the depth of the ale’s hue to the crispiness of the chips. Does the bar offer that magical combination of friendly chatter and skilled bartending? Check. Is the live music engaging but not overpowering? Double check. We rigorously review our checklist to ensure that when you’re looking for pubs in Poole, you choose from the creme de la creme.


User-Friendly Experience

Nobody wants to wrestle with a clunky website, especially when they’re thirsty for a good time. That’s why our platform is designed with you in mind. From the moment you land on The Big Pub Guide, you’ll find it easy to navigate through categories. You can read in-depth reviews and even add your pub to our growing list. Click, read, sip — our platform is as simple as that.


For Pub Owners

If you’re a pub owner in Poole who believes that your establishment offers something genuinely exceptional, we want to hear from you. Listing your pub is a breeze. Follow our straightforward steps to upload details, photos, and your menu. Soon, you’ll join an elite club of pubs in Poole that have earned their place in The Big Pub Guide.

The Big Pub Guide has been tailored to serve both pub-goers and pub owners in Poole with precision and excellence. It’s not just about providing information; it’s about creating a bridge between you and the perfect pub experience you crave. 


To ensure that both patrons and proprietors have a fulfilling journey from the moment they engage with our platform, we utilise our . . .  


🟩 | Vetting process

🟩 | User-friendly interface

🟩 | And simplified listing process 


With this in-depth insight, we hope you feel better equipped and more confident to navigate our extensive list. Remember, the proper pub can transform a simple night out into a memorable occasion, and we’re here to ensure you don’t miss out on those moments. 


Come along and explore the diversity and splendour that pubs in Poole have to offer. Cheers!

With The Big Pub Guide, every click is a step towards discovering the heartbeat of pubs in Poole.


You’ve arrived at the section that delves into the features, advantages, and unique aspects you can anticipate when using The Big Pub Guide. The purpose of this part of our platform is not merely to act as an online directory. It’s to provide a holistic tool that enhances your pub-going or listing experience in Poole. The specifics we cover here will give you a robust understanding of how our guide can serve as an invaluable resource in your quest for the ideal pub. 


So, let’s walk you through what you can expect in concrete terms and why choosing us is akin to opting for a first-class experience in the world of pubs . . .

Comprehensive Listings

Firstly, expect a sea of options, carefully categorised for your convenience. Whether it’s a sports bar you seek for the big game or a family-friendly pub for a weekend outing, we’ve got you covered. The variety is endless, and the quality is uncompromised.


In-Depth Reviews

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a well-written review is a novel that tells a story. When browsing through our selection of pubs in Poole, you’ll find reviews rich in detail. These will give you the lowdown on atmosphere, food quality, and the unique traits that set each pub apart.


Easy Navigation

Don’t get lost in translation — or, in this case, don’t get lost in a labyrinth of listings. Our user interface is simple, intuitive, and aimed at making your journey from choice to cheers as fluid as possible.


Dynamic Search Filters

Not all pub-goers are the same, so why should the search criteria be? With our dynamic filters, you can narrow down your options based on what’s important to you. Whether it’s pet-friendly spots or places with live music, we help you find it.


For Pub Owners: Enhanced Visibility

What do you gain if you’re on the other side of the bar? Quite a lot, actually. You increase your establishment’s visibility tenfold by listing your pub with us. You’ll expose it to a clientele who value quality and experience.

The features and services provided by The Big Pub Guide serve as robust pillars. They’ll support your journey in the rich tapestry of Poole’s pub scene. While the specifics are a mix of features and listings, the underlying mission is far more comprehensive. This platform aims to elevate your experience of finding or listing pubs in Poole to a level where convenience meets quality. Our services are constructed to answer every question and solve problems you didn’t even know existed. So, are you a pub owner aiming to garner more attention? Or are you a patron in search of a perfect pint? No matter who you are, our guide ensures you’re equipped with all the tools you need for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. 


With that, we welcome you to the community that understands pubs not just as locations but as experiences awaiting your discovery. Cheers!


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