Every customer, whether as an individual, family or group has different requirements when looking for a pub to visit. From location and opening times that suit, to the menu and drink options they can access on to specific features such as the facilities, entertainment, and accommodation available. But it can be a time-consuming process searching for the pub that will meet your needs working through a long list of establishments produced by online searching.


The Big Pub Guide is a leading pub guide directory that established in 2007, to helps pub customers with this challenge and bring people and pubs in Swanage together. We provide an online directory that helps pubs in Swanage show potential customers everything their establishment has to offer in detail.


Our directory pub guide helps you search for a pub by its name or for all pubs within an area or simply clicking ‘pubs near me’ then applying filters to quickly discover, view and contact the pubs in Swanage that have the features to match your needs.

Whether you require a country pub or a city bar, or perhaps you are looking for a pub restaurant or live music, The Big Pub Guide can help you to find your perfect pub. If you are a landlord or manager and need help listing pubs in Swanage please call us on 0330 2020166 or send an email
to contact@bigpbubguide.co.uk.


The Big Pub Guide helps bring people and pubs in Swanage and all across the UK together.
We offer customers a pub guide directory of establishments with extensive information to help them find their perfect pub for food, drink, facilities, entertainment, events, and accommodation.
And for the landlords, managers, and breweries of pubs in Swanage we provide the opportunity to tell potential customers what makes their pub special.
We have worked closely with the pub industry to create a UK online directory that pleases both customers seeking a pub to meet their individual requirements, and also the landlords wishing to attract them.
If you are looking for pubs in Swanage to discover you can quickly find pubs that meet your needs via a quick search on our homepage. Or if you are a landlord or pub manager considering listing your pub please locate it via a simple search on the homepage, ‚Äėclaim‚Äô it, then choose the listing option that suits your needs and add your content for customers to view.


Today, around 90% of customers are searching online when choosing pubs in Swanage to visit 
and The Big Pub Guide is appearing on thousands of searches each week. Listing provides 
simple, flexible, and effective advertising to ensure your pub is discovered by these potential 
customers and be easily contactable to increase the inquiries you receive. Listing your pub allows 
you to promote special offers, seasonal menus, and forthcoming events to generate interest.


Help customers discover your pub in comprehensive detail

Keep your content updated and monitor results as you go

Increase new customer visits to your pub’s website

Boost your pub’s website ranking

We can help you to build your pubs listing if required


Some of the commonly asked question by pubs in Swanage include: 
‚ąôWhat makes listing on your directory beneficial? 
‚ąôHow does a listing work with my social media pages? 
‚ąôHow is a listing cost-effective? 
‚ąôWill it take time to build my listing? 
‚ąôWhy does a listing boost my pubs website ranking? 
For help with any questions you have about listing pubs in Swanage please contact us today.


It’s a really quick and easy process. We have +40,000 UK pubs on our site, so your pub is most probably already on our site and ready for you to claim. Just follow the below simple steps below.

Find your pub by a search on our homepage.

Select your pub and click ‚ÄėClaim Now!‚Äô. We verify and approve.

Choose the listing option you require and enter your content.

Make payment. Your listing goes live!

There are two options available for you to choose from and each serves a different purpose and affords different benefits for listing pubs in Swanage.


Firstly, the BASIC listing option is for simply indicating the presence of your pub. Your listing will show essential information on your pubs core facilities minus contact options or link to your pub’s website. It will appear in a standard position amongst search results and is limited to a single image and sixty words of description therefore it is offered is free of charge.


The FULL listing option is to help you maximise customer views and generation of customer enquiries. Your pubs listing will show detailed information on all your pubs features from facilities to food, drinks, events, entertainment, and accommodation. You can add unlimited images and description details. It also provides multiple contact options such as telephone number, direct messaging, plus a link to your pub’s website to ensure customer can contact you easily. Your pub appears in a priority position on search results, plus there are numerous links to your social media websites to customers can view extra information easily and your pub is featured on our website
homepage. A FULL listing is chargeable annually but is priced very attractively compared to other directories and other forms of advertising.



If you areconsidering listing multiple pubs in Swanage or maybe an entire chain of pubs we can help ensure you get the best listing terms available to meet such requirements. For instance, you
may wish to list a volume of pubs in Swanage but need the flexibility to switch between closing of old pub businesses and opening of new pubs in Swanage. We can help you with commercial arrangements for such requirements.

As a FULL listing is for a 12-month term we will send you a courtesy reminder email to notify of the need to renew your subscription before the term ends. if you wish to continue advertising as a FULL listing you can renew your listing easily. If you decide not to continue advertising by this option you will not need to take any action as your listing will simply switch automatically to a free of charge BASIC listing when the term ends.

In addition to helping pubs in Wimborne advertise their business on our pub guide, we have relationships with partners that can also help with all aspects of website design and development and with trade associations that can assist you with market information and engaging with organisations within the pub industry.


Call: 0330 2020166   Email: contact@bigpubguide.co.uk   Information: www.bigpubguide.co.uk